Adairsville Sporting Range
Patronage Agreement

                                ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC.

                                          PATRONAGE AGREEMENT

It has been explained to me and I understand the fact that the use of, discharge of, or being in the vicinity of firearms is potentially dangerous, and may result in me being injured, seriously injured, or killed, and to other persons around me as well, and having this knowledge in mind, I fully accept the risk of coming onto and remaining on ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC. firing range and I agree to hold harmless from all actions, torts, lawsuits, etc. ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC., its officers, owners, agents, employees and other purported agent of the Company.  I accept and understand the above terms as a patron, or in any capacity, while

I am present on ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC. firing range property.


            RIGHT OF REVOCATION: Any patron, guest, or person who fails to obey any safety rule, policy or sportsmanship rule, contest rule, training rule, or any other term of entrance is subject to being evicted.  There will no refund of any monies, fees, or deposits if any patron is required to leave the property for failing to abide by any rule.


            RULES OF THE RANGE:  I agree to abide by and always follow the Rules of Range as posted.  Failure to do so will result in my immediate eviction.


            AMMUNITION:  Reloaded ammunition. ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC. is not and will not be responsible for any damage to property or injuries to person from the use of reloaded or hand loaded ammunition.


            LOADED FIREARMS: Firearms are to be loaded only on the ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC. range firing line.  No loaded firearms are to be left unattended for any reason.


            I FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to the above terms and conditions and submit to the rules of ADAIRSVILLE SPORTING RANGE, INC. firing range.  I fully understand that the use of firearms is inherently dangerous and I am aware that being in the vicinity of firearms can result in loss of life.  I will follow all safety rules to assure a safe shooting environment for everyone.



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